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Efforts to Increase Employee Engagement
Are Not Working!

Keith Ayers BookAlmost all employees are engaged on their first day in a new job. Yet at the average American company, over 60 percent of employees are disengaged by the time they have been employed for just six months.
Leaders, at all levels, have failed to maintain the natural enthusiasm and engagement new employees have, and the longer they are with the company, the less engaged they become. Only 20 percent of employees who have ten years of service are engaged.
Despite the billions of dollars spent on leadership development every year and the thousands of books and resources on the subject of leadership, the percentage of engaged employees has increased by only 2 percent in the last 7 years!

Leaders Focus on the Wrong Things

Efforts to increase engagement are clearly not having any significant impact. In this provocative new book, Engagement is Not Enough, Keith Ayers claims that too many leaders are looking for a quick fix, attempting to increase engagement through incentives, share options, increased benefits, and improved amenities.
Keith challenges leaders to look in the mirror at their leadership behavior to find the answer to their employee engagement challenges. In fact, he urges leaders to raise their sights to go beyond engagement to passion. Leaders know they can't buy passion.
In Engagement Is Not Enough you will learn the 5 Leadership Skills you must have to reignite the natural passion your team members have to perform at their best:

  1. The People Skills needed to build trust.
  2. Coaching and Mentoring Skills to capitalize on every team member's strengths.
  3. Relationship Skills to make every team member feel valued and respected.
  4. Alignment Skills to ensure every team member knows how to contribute to the organization's success.
  5. Team Building Skills to build a high performance team.

When leaders apply these skills as outlined in the book, the outcome is inevitable: your passionate team members dramatically increase customer satisfaction; turnover drops to an insignificant level; and productivity and profitability increase to levels you never thought possible.
Order your copy today and start igniting the passion in your employees and take your business to the next level.

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James Roche interviews Keith Ayers about his book Engagement Is Not Enough and discusses How to Light a Fire Within Your Employees

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