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Doing business as usual will cause you to go out of business!
Keith AyersKeith Ayers' presentations will challenge you to recognize the impact leadership behavior has on the bottom line of your organization. Lousy managers have a very negative impact on employee engagement, customer satisfaction and profitability.
Keith challenges leaders to look in the mirror at their own behavior and be honest with themselves about the impact they are having on employee engagement, commitment and productivity. Control-based, micro-managing leaders kill passion, engagement and innovation. The more controlling an organization's leaders are, the more difficult it is for the organization to react quickly to a changing marketplace, to be innovative and to build an engaged, committed workforce. When leaders build a high level of trust with their employees, they unleash levels of passion and commitment that result in significant increases in customer satisfaction, productivity and profits.
Employees who really believe in their organization and its leaders will go to extreme lengths to do their best every day, and deliver a competitive advantage your competitors cannot match.
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Available Keynotes:

Change Is An Opportunity, NOT A Threat
Change is the biggest challenge organizations face today. Business leaders are dealing with changes that they have never faced before - increased gas prices, increasing global competition, rapidly changing technology, and a changing workforce. The pace of change is increasing and it isn't likely to slow down. Facilitating change, the ability to get others to embrace change, is a skill that is needed by leaders at all levels of your organization. During this presentation your managers and/or employees will learn how to get themselves out of a "funk" when change is overwhelming them, and four steps they can take to see change as an opportunity, not a threat. Let Keith work with your organization to gain more control over the challenges you face now and in the future.
In this presentation you will:

  • Create A Competitive Edge By Increasing Your Organization's Ability To Adapt More Quickly To Change
  • Learn How To Get Employees To Take Ownership And Continually Improve Their Performance
  • Learn To Use Your Adaptability To Deliver Value Your Competitors Cannot Match

Be An Exceptional Leader
It's easier than you think.
Exceptional leaders build trust. Their team members go to extreme lengths to do their best for them, every day. Many managers don't understand why their employees don't have that level of trust for them, especially because they know they are honest, ethical, moral people who have the best interests of their organization at heart. In this powerful presentation, leaders will learn the four elements of trust that explain why being trustworthy is not enough. Leaders must also understand the behaviors that build trust, and those that destroy it. Once revealed, these elements are a blinding flash of the obvious. They make sense, but it isn't common sense. Keith's presentation will help leaders at all levels to start building the kind of trust that will make them exceptional leaders, and achieve higher levels of productivity and profitability. Let Keith work with you to develop your leaders' ability to gain the trust and commitment of their employees.
In this presentation you will:

  • Learn How Exceptional Leaders Build High Performance Teams
  • Increase Innovation By Capitalizing On Team Members Talents
  • Gain The Trust And Commitment Of Your Employees
  • Achieve Higher Levels Of Productivity And Profitability

Why Engagement Is Not Enough?
Light a fire WITHIN your Employees Not UNDER them
The most serious threat to the health of your business is not increased competition, the threat of emerging overseas markets or the state of the economy. The most serious threat to the health of your business is not an external phenomenon - it lurks within your organization - employee disengagement. The threat is real and the effects could be terminal. Fighting the spread of employee disengagement must be taken seriously by every leader in your organization. It is a leadership issue. This presentation will help every leader in your organization understand the needs all employees must have satisfied to be fully engaged and passionate about their work.
In this presentation you will:

  • Understand The Five Needs That Really Drives Employees To Be Fully Engaged And Passionate
  • Focus Your Engaged Employees On Delivering Your Value Promise
  • Learn The Five Leadership Skills Needed To Create Passionate High Performance Teams

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