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Keith AyersKeith Ayers is the President of Integro Leadership Institute LLC, a leadership consulting group based in West Chester, PA. Originally from Australia, Keith joined Integro as a consultant in 1977 and took over the ownership of the organization in 1982. Demand for his programs and expertise in the United States led him to move to Pennsylvania in August 2001. The U.S. division of Integro now has over 60 certified associates across North America.
Keith's first career was as a Navigator in the Royal Australian Air Force which included a term of active duty in Vietnam.
His expertise is working with CEO's and senior executive teams to help them create a high performance culture... one that is based on a high level of trust and personal responsibility. Keith has worked with executive teams in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China and the U.S., and has also been a speaker at conferences in Germany, Finland, the U.K. and throughout North America.
A long held view that "training events" do not produce business results, led Keith to author the Leadership Development Process™ and Senior Team Alignment Process™. These integrated "processes" include before and after measurement and application projects that help executive teams and managers take their company culture "head on", and get all employees committed to achieving outstanding results.
Keith is the author of the book Engagement Is Not Enough: You Need Passionate Employees to Achieve Your Dream, published by Elevate in July 2008.
In addition to his heavy travel and speaking schedule Keith continues to work with senior executive teams.
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